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Lisa Holzgruber von rotable im SCALEup Talk

Vom Excel-Sheet zur optimierten Rotationsplanung. Wie ein INiTS Startup den Verwaltungsaufwand in Kliniken vereinfacht. Rotations- und Personalstellenplanung ist in Kliniken mit einem immensen Verwaltungs- und Zeitaufwand verbunden. Das Startup rotable hat hier eine smarte Softwarelösung entwickelt, die verantwortliche Ärzt*innen hierbei signifikant entlastet und die Digitalisierung in Krankenhäusern vorantreibt. Im SCALEup Talk spricht Mitgründer*in Lisa Holzgruber …

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Logistical processes for surgeries are a main problem in hospitals. A high number of manual processes, web stores that ignore the needs of the end user, and no use of data treasures meet a constantly increasing number of surgical procedures and an ever-increasing variety of products. The result are overworked specialists (who are lacking in …

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HydrogenEdge is developing an innovative electrolysis process to produce high-pressure green hydrogen in one step and make our current energy system sustainable. The hydrogen produced in this way enables decentralized use at reduced costs in mobility and for the storage of renewable energies.


The mobile app codeXX provides scientific information to fill this knowledge gap and supports users daily with individual and cycle relevant resources (e.g. recipes for meeting changing needs, exercise videos, guided meditation) to restore this balance. This way, pain and other distressing symptoms can be relieved naturally long term, rather than suppressed only briefly through …

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Biomotion is a manufacturer of 3D Bioprinting systems that enable the highly-reproducible fabrication of tissues and implants. Our patented in-line, sterile, non-destructive (bio)-printing process supervision and automatic correction process plays a crucial role in the autonomous (and therefore scalable) fabrication of the medical devices of the future.

Cornelia Diesenreiter von Unverschwendet im SCALEup Talk

Zu klein. Zu groß. Zu dick. Zu dünn. In Österreich gehen laut einer Studie der BOKU Wien in der Landwirtschaft pro Jahr 167 Millionen Kilo Obst und Gemüse verloren. Lebensmittel, in die bereits viele Ressourcen wie Wasser, Energie und Bodennährstoffe hineingeflossen sind. In Anbetracht der immer größer werdenden Frage, wie wir die wachsende Weltbevölkerung ernähren …

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Marcus Lebesmühlbacher von Holloid im SCALEup Talk

Marcus Lebesmühlbacher of Holloid in conversation with Markus Pietzka, INiTS. Even before Marcus Lebesmühlbacher graduated, he dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. However, he started his career first as an employed financial specialist. Through START:IP, an INiTS initiative, Marcus was given the opportunity to connect with innovative technology providers from both educational institutions and the industry, …

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codeXX sucht: CTO

codeXX is developing the first AI based coach that helps users to get rid of menstrual symptoms and is looking for a CTO — full stack development specialized in mobile apps.

Get your Early Bird Tickets for the Health Innovation Summit!

Health Innovation Summit Vienna on June 6th is the leading event about transforming the healthcare system through Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship. We are discussing the status of Digital Health in the center of Europe, showcasing best practices and international case studies and inviting European ecosystem players for deriving inspiration for the further Digital Health ecosystem development. …

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