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Providing a perfect loaning process for surgical Instruments via a digital solution for optimising stock, saving time and minimised manual workload.

Logistical processes for surgeries are a main problem in hospitals. A high number of manual processes, web stores that ignore the needs of the end user, and no use of data treasures meet a constantly increasing number of surgical procedures and an ever-increasing variety of products. The result are overworked specialists (who are lacking in other areas), high material and energy consumption for unnecessary transports and multiple reprocessing of instruments as well as constantly rising costs for maintaining the status quo.

Instruclick provides a perfect logistics. Via a learning neural network, OR plans are read out to automatically recognize the material requirements at the right time. The required material and the relevant instruments are then delivered ready for use and on time – and collected again after the operation. The OR can thus concentrate on operating, and Instruclick takes care of the material and instrument logistics. This allows more procedures to be performed in the same amount of time and shortens waiting times for patients.

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