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Technologies for START:IP 2021

Food Waste Extract for Bacterial Growth

Bacterial cellulose has many uses, for example in making medical dressings, as food industry ingredients (thickening, flavour, colour), in food packaging and sustainable textiles. However, its utility is limited by the cost, of which a large proportion comes from growing the bacteria that produce the cellulose. This technology is an extract derived from food waste that replaces expensive conventional bacterial

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Temperature-sensitive Optical Film for Glass

Imagine a window that would shade itself when sunny, no curtains or blinds required. That’s what this technology can do – a laminate film for glass that becomes cloudy when it’s warm. And when it’s cooler again? It lets the sunshine in.

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Bio-based Active Ingredients

Active ingredients are common in everyday products, for example as antimicrobial, antioxidative or emulsifying agents in cosmetics, paints and wood preservatives. However, standard active ingredients are derived from fossil fuels, meaning they are not biodegradable and are associated with adverse health effects and they accumulate in the environment. This technology is an eco-friendly alternative, creating active ingredients from an abundant

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Recycling Carbon Dioxide into Methanol

Reduced carbon emissions are desperately needed to prevent global warming. Carbon dioxide (CO2) waste from industrial flue gas can be recycled, by reacting on a chemical catalyst, to produce methanol, but other compounds in flue gas interfere with this reaction. These researchers have developed a catalyst that reacts with CO2, but not the contaminants, to produce methanol.

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