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The incubator program for research and technology startups

The SCALEup incubation is the main focus of the INiTS services. Since INITS was founded, this program has been continuously adapted to the needs of early stage startups in the field of Research – Technology – Innovation (FTI) and shows them the path to market success. After a strict selection of suitable startups in the qualification phase, a one year incubation follows with the Startup Camp and the Growth Phase.

The heart of the incubation program is the Startup Camp. In this 100-day intensive guidance, an intensive workshop and training program, support from experienced consultants and mentors, and the innovative “Collaborative Business Modelling” approach turn an idea into a promising and scalable business model.

In a further nine months of Growth phase, startups take part in individual coaching sessions and special “briefing sessions” that prepare them for dealing with typical growth challenges.

In addition, SCALEup startups have the chance to receive up to € 100,000 STARTKapital.


Phase 1 - prior to admission

Out of more than 200 applications, those who will present to the INiTS project advisory board are selected and developed in the qualification process. In this phase we work together with the project team on the business model and continuously check the fulfilment of selection criteria.

This phase is actually a qualification process in which the quality of the initial idea and its presentation is greatly enhanced through input, feedback and reflection. This also benefits applicants who ultimately do not make it to the intensive incubation programme. In addition, in cases that do not meet the selection criteria, we also recommend other programs that are better suited to the respective startup project.

These are the essential steps:

  • In the initial interview, an experienced advisor, together with the applicants, evaluates the extent to which the project and program profile are compatible. Here, the startup receives feedback and recommendations on how to proceed.
  • In workshops, the value proposition and the business model are checked for initial market relevance, scalability and consistency and adjusted if necessary. Here, we also get a first impression of the team.
  • During the Team Challenge, the startups present their further developed projects to the INiTS team and external experts and receive additional feedback.
  • The continued projects receive intensive and individual pitch training in preparation for the presentation to the project advisory board.

Project Advisory Board

In the final project advisory board meeting, experts from science and industry provide qualitative feedback and decide which ideas will be accepted into the incubation program.


Phase 2 - the first 100 days of incubation

The heart of the incubation program is the Startup Camp. In this 100-day intensive guidance, an intensive workshop and training program, support from experienced consultants and mentors, and the innovative “Collaborative Business Modelling” approach turn an idea into a promising and scalable business model.

Essential elements of the Startup Camp are:

  • Lean Startup Methodology: Rapid development of marketable prototypes under structured guidance of the INiTS team
  • Collaborative Business Modeling: regular 360° feedback from other startups, consultants and mentors
  • Workshops and trainings on patent law, financing, law, marketing etc.
  • Mentoring through personal support from experts experienced in the industry
  • Networking and fun events to get to know corporates, funding agencies, experts and alumni

In the Startup Camp, flexible desks are available to the startups in the INiTS Office.

Demo Day

Demo Day concludes the Startup Camp. Here, incubated startups present their validated business model for the first time to selected investors, companies and funding agencies.


Phase 3 - the growth part of the incubation

In a further nine months of incubation, the growth phase, we accompany and support startups in questions of further financing and growth. During briefings and fireside chats with corporates, investors and alumni, our startups have the opportunity to access insider knowledge. In this phase, we also offer STARTKapital as a quick and uncomplicated way to obtain up to € 100,000 in risk-free equity capital.

As one of the first and most active incubators in Austria, we can rely on a large network of start-ups, companies, investors, mentors and academic institutions. We enjoy networking our incubees and using our expertise to help them achieve their goals.

INiTS provides flexible desks during the growth phase.

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