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Survey Among Technology Seekers Shows Demand for Innovative Solutions Across All Industries 

START:IP brings technology providers and technology seekers together in order to develop the technology to market maturity in a suitable cooperation. In a recent survey we asked technology seekers to specify their industry focus. Here is what we found out:

Great openness to participate among technology seekers

As of 6th September, 116 individuals have participated in the survey, 49% of which are founders, 14% of which are business angels, 31% of which are company representatives (heads of R&D, innovation managers, business developers) and 6% of which are investment managers working for VC funds (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Roles of survey participants


Company representatives have a greater focus

The survey participants could choose from a catalogue of 12 main industries and 48 industry subcategories. Company representatives differed in the mean number of selected industries (Figure 2). While each survey participant marked 11 sub-categories on average, company representatives only selected 7.

Figure 2: Mean number of selected industries (subcategories)


Special demand for innovative solutions in 7 industries

While each of the industries was chosen at least once by the survey participants, the following 7 industries turned out to be the most popular (Figure 3):

Figure 3: The 7 most popular industries


About the survey

The survey ( started in July 2020 and will run through to 30. September 2020. So far approx. 2000 technology seekers have been invited to participate in the survey. To increase the geographical reach in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland a social media campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn was launched recently. The survey is statistically not representative.

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