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Technology Abstract

Reduce heavy loads for couriers

Alleviate back pain for food delivery couriers.

Food delivery couriers carry heavy loads with significant health risks, including chronic back pain. A metal bracket mounted below the saddle that connects to the backpack can reduce the load by up to 100%. It is a simple and effective solution without a complicated setup.

While the demand for food delivery by bicycle couriers is mounting globally, the couriers face a challenging and precarious work environment. This demanding work environment poses multiple health risks, including chronic back pain due to heavy loads and cheaply produced bags. Measurements and biomechanical simulations conducted at the TU Wien (Technical University, Wien) reveal that the strain exerted on the back can result in issues with the spine, buttocks, and back. To address this concern, the Labour Inspectorate and the General Accident Insurance Institution (AUVA) aim to enforce regulations that require employers to minimize the load on bicycle couriers. A simple and innovative solution is a telescopic metal bracket mounted below the saddle. Using an inventive design, the bracket shoulders a significant portion of the backpack’s weight while cycling. It conveniently and securely attaches to the bottom of the bag via a magnet, requiring minimal effort during mounting and dismounting. This practical and cost-effective device fits seamlessly into the demanding work environment of food delivery couriers while significantly improving comfort and health.

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