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Technology Abstract

Precision light sheets for 3D-microscopy

Revolutionary high-precision light sheets for 3D-microscopy

Precision light shaping has become a core technology for high-tech devices. Light Shaping Technology (LST) uses an innovative beam-shaping unit to yield a carpet of light with high precision and uniformity. These 2D-light sheets have unique properties and wide applications beyond presented proof-of-concept in microscopy. 

Light is employed across many high-tech applications in biology, medicine, IT, and beyond. Precise shaping of light using modern and classical optics technology still remains a technical challenge that is comparatively complex and expensive. LST uses revolutionary technology to reshape a small, symmetrical laser beam into super-thin, parfocal light sheets. These light sheets with high uniformity solve multiple limitations of traditional laser beam-based technologies. Additionally, the shaping unit provides comparatively low cost control over the light sheet, unlike current solutions that require expensive secondary control mechanisms to overcome the technical challenges of inherent imprecisions. A proof-of-concept for the immense potential of light sheets in high-precision technical applications has been developed, showcasing a 3D-imaging method for auto-fluorescent tissue blocks. The method, known as 3D Noninvasive Cellular-Resolution Imaging (3D NCRI), fully utilizes the meso-aspheric light sheet offered by LST. This enables a rapid and precise 3D scan of large tissue blocks within a dedicated device. A custom-built control for the device and specific deconvolution software yield high resolution 3D images in all three dimensions, superior to any current laser-scanning microscope. The current prototype demonstrates the usefulness of light sheets generated by LST, offering an affordable, fast, and highly precise laser-scanning microscope suitable for imaging large biological samples (up to 30000μm) with cellular-level resolution.

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