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Marcus Lebesmühlbacher von Holloid im SCALEup Talk


Marcus Lebesmühlbacher of Holloid in conversation with Markus Pietzka, INiTS.

Even before Marcus Lebesmühlbacher graduated, he dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. However, he started his career first as an employed financial specialist. Through START:IP, an INiTS initiative, Marcus was given the opportunity to connect with innovative technology providers from both educational institutions and the industry, which then led him to find a concept (along with an agreeable researcher and potential business partner) that he could form a startup around. Holloid was born.

In the SCALEup Talk Marcus reveals

• how a small black box can be used to see more than ever before

• what should be done to keep startup co-founders happy over time

• how Holloid benefited from the INiTS SCALEup incubation program

You can find more about Holloid here:


INiTS SCALEup Talk is an interview series with and about technology startups, about innovations, beginnings, challenges, successes and unexpected turns.

INiTS alumni who have developed their technology or research ideas into a successful business talk about their stories and experiences in a compact 30-minute interview. The talk is moderated by experienced INiTS advisors who deal with startups and technology ideas on a daily basis.

The talk will be published on our YouTube channel on the release date.

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