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Health Innovation Summit Vienna’24

The patient is the most underused resource in the system“, Bertalan Meskó, the Medical Futurist, stated during his talk at last year’s Health Innovation Summit Vienna.

And Lucien Engelen advocated for a “Copernican moment” in healthcare: shifting from a scenario where the patient revolves around the healthcare professional to the exact opposite.

However, patient centricity is not just about putting the patient at the center of attention, it involves actively engaging the patient with the aid of technology, to make services and processes more efficient and re-think the patient journey – even before they become a patient.

That’s what many experts see as the primary solution to the healthcare system’s unsolvable issue: providing better care with less effort.

So join us at the next Health Innovation Summit Vienna where we will bring together leading healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovative minds to discuss how to make this happen, explore fresh ideas and new approaches and tap into existing innovative solutions.

We’ll demonstrate what’s possible, to inspire, to motivate and to initiate collaborations – in line with Health Hub Vienna’s mission:

Transforming the healthcare system through innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

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