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Lellis (Helpsole)

Lellis develops smart shoe insoles in combination with an app - for the medical and sports sector

We are a Vienna-based medtech start up founded in 2020 that focuses on gait stabilization for Parkinson’s patients. Why? Because our CEO knows a patient from her personal circle of contacts who could not cope with existing aids or who simply did not want to use them. After intensive discussions with him, we came up with the solution of a smart shoe insole as a smart and discreet device. Our insole, called helpsole, recognizes the specific gait patterns of the patient and gives an impulse in case of irregularities to stabilize the gait and prevent falls. This is especially relevant when patients suffer from the so-called Freezing of Gait (which is the case in about every 2nd patient). But also other irregularities can be detected and corrected.

Furthermore, we are currently working on an app solution that monitors the recorded gait data and thus presents it validly and objectively to a patient, doctor or therapist. With the help of additional parameters, it is even possible to calculate the individual future disease curve. This takes away the patient’s uncertainty and fear of the future and thus prevents depression.

Our insole is currently in the clinical trial at the AKH in Vienna and will be sent to the approval process next year. That’s why we’re applying our technology to another sector. Our insole will be on the market in bicycle sports called Tretkraft – it will be available by the end of 2022 – see

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