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See the world through your ears

The core of our product is a software app that you can download and install on a smartphone. Spatial audio can then be heard using any headphone model. Of course we recommend open headphones so you are totally aware of the real sounds in the world around. Our app also supports selected open headphone models with motion sensors, for an amazing and intuitive experience.

Behind the scenes

Our app uses state-of-the art computer vision methods to determine the user’s location and acoustic simulation methods to generate augmented audio content used for guidance and awareness.

Spatial audio

Spatial audio simulates the way people naturally understand sound locations in the real world. Using this technique, our virtual way points are as easy to find as your friend calling you from across the street.

Holistic solution

Our app integrates all the features necessary to help you walk on the street with confidence and ease. You’ll never again need to switch between different apps while navigating.

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