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Nikolas “Niki” Popper studied Mathematics, Philosophy and Jazz Theory in Vienna, Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) and Moscow, Idaho (US) and received his Dr.techn. in Mathematics at TU Wien. He worked as science editor and journalist and founded two successful companies, the production company drahtwarenhandlung for scientific films, data journalism and computer animation and the R&D company dwh GmbH for technical solutions and simulation services, dedicated to develop new and innovative pipelines from the basic idea for a data driven analysis up to a ready for market solution.

Niki Popper published and presented about 150 articles and talks in journals and at international conferences. He coordinated modelling & simulation in about 100 R&D projects. He is coordinator of COCOS “Centre for Computational Complex Systems” at TU Wien as well as chairman of DEXHELPP, the COMET K-Project (Decision Support for Health Policy and Planning: Methods, Models and Technologies based on Existing Health Care Data), which is dedicated to the development models and to efficient and safe use of data for decision making in health systems.  He co-invented the award winning Master College for Applied Modelling, Simulation and Decision Making at TU Wien, the award winning blended learning courses in basic maths at TU Wien and continuously supervises and co-supervises Master and PhD Thesis in the area of modelling and simulation.

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Director, DEXHELPP