Founder of Irina Röd Consulting

Irina Röd has been working in the area of digital and e-commerce since the turn of the last century. She began her professional career setting up an e-commerce shop for an international trading company in Japan. Back in Europe she worked in several leadership positions in the telecommunications industry where she developed innovative digital solutions and successfully brought them to market.
She has a strong international focus with work experience, besides Austria and Germany, in Thailand, India, Japan and the UK. One of her core competencies is the development and negotiation of strategic partnerships with international internet players, like Facebook, Skype and Google.
Since starting her own consultancy company in 2013, she shares her experience in innovation, marketing and project execution. She is working with start-ups and small companies from all kinds of industries, and offers workshops, consulting and coaching on business model creation/evaluation using the business model canvas method. Among others, she is willing to support start-ups with market research, business model and MVP planning and Go-to-Market approach.

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