03.03.2015 von Daniel Tran

Enthusiastic about the KiwiVision® video analysis technology, ARX Security Agency represents the interests of KiwiSecurity and will introduce the intelligent surveillance software to its clients in the Russian-speaking markets.

ARX Security is focused on solutions for verticals and niche markets in Russia and CIS territories and works with leading brands in the security market. Most projects focus on IP video and perimeter security. ARX Security is a team of high professionals and each of them has more than 10 years of experience in selling IT products and IP video solutions. It covers a variety of clients, leading distributors and integrators, covering banks, airports, railway applications and government tenders.

“The reason why we chose KiwiSecurity as a leading edge software product partner is the impressive technology of the KiwiVision® analysis applications. The products deliver stable performance in demanding situations and can be integrated easily into every control- and video system and offer privacy on the highest level.” (Mikhail Tarasov, Managing Director ARX Security)

Most video analysis systems fail because of shaking cameras and bad weather conditions, poor image quality, non-working person tracking approaches and incompatibilities with existing systems and infrastructures. The KiwiVision® analysis applications compensate environmental influences with intelligent algorithms that stabilize and optimize every single frame of the incoming video, as well as with most advanced filter methods to provide a clear image – even with heavy rain or snowfall. The 3D reconstruction can assign spatial information, just as humans do, track the detected objects – and analyze their motion. To optimize the results, also a logical reasoning engine filters across time and space.

KiwiSecurity uses open standards and interfaces to ensure that every KiwiSecurity product can be used in any given installation, from a single system to an integrated large-scale solution. The simple configuration of the interfaces allows fast operation even with most complex systems. Next to providing superior high-intelligent software, privacy is of highest priority for KiwiSecurity. The KiwiVision® Privacy Protector® is the only video surveillance product that has been awarded the European Privacy Seal by the “Independent Center for Data Protection” (Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz) in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Customized as well as industry solutions are provided in a broad field such as urban surveillance, public facilities, infrastructure and many more.

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