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Dominik Pezzei von Optimuse im SCALEup Talk


Dominik Pezzei of OPTIMUSE in conversation with Markus Pietzka, INiTS.

How an INiTS startup is decarbonizing the real estate sector

Real estate is one of the largest contributors to global emissions and energy consumption. Buildings account for 40% of global energy consumption, and are a major source of emissions. Therefore, it’s essential to reduce the environmental impact of buildings to address climate change.

The innovative startup OPTIMUSE is on a mission to create a greener future by transforming the real estate sector. With their unique approach to process automation and the right planning of technical systems, the company is working to decarbonize the sector and reduce its environmental impact.

But when OPTIMUSE began the SCALEup incubation program, the goal was to help engineers in planning technical systems, such as heating and cooling, by implementing automated processes to make buildings more sustainable. Due to the energy crisis and the needs of the real estate industry when it comes to renovations of buildings, they have shifted their direction.

In the SCALEup Talk, Dominik reveals

  • how OPTIMUSE wants to decarbonize the real estate sector,
  • how they generate interest in their solution among potential costumers,
  • why mentors are indispensable and how to find the right ones.

Plus, he presents three key points which every founder should take into account when structuring a startup.

INiTS SCALEup Talk is an interview series with and about technology startups – about innovations, beginnings, challenges, successes and unexpected turns.

INiTS alumni who have developed their technology or research ideas into a successful business talk about their stories and experiences in a compact 30-minute interview. The talk is moderated by experienced INiTS consultants who deal with startups and technology ideas on a daily basis.

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