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The International Space Apps Challenge is the world´s biggest hackathon that takes place in 130+ cities. The aim is to create open-source solutions within 48 hours for global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space.

Take a look at the challenges from 4 different areas – Earth, Outer Space, Humans and Robotics – here.


NASA Space Apps Challenge Vienna

60 people with different backgrounds will gather in Vienna for one weekend to work on their solution with a selected group of mentors on their side. A distinguished jury will select the best 2 Viennese teams, which will take part in the international competition and win the opportunity to take part for one day in the Observers Programme at the AMADEE-15 Mars simulation.

Registration is open & free on the global web site.



11. APRIL – 12. APRIL
These two days are reserved for launching your idea/ project/ product. First you will form teams (in case you don’t have one alrady) and start prototyping your idea. Our mentors will help you developing your project. We will also have 1-2 talks to inspire you and at the end of the weekend you will have the chance to pitch your project in front of the jury.


What is a Hackathon?
A Hackathon is an event which takes place over a few days, where you and a bunch of others focus on doing something about a problem or an idea and not just talking about it!

Do I need to be a programmer to participate in the Hackathon?
Absolutely not! Participants in the event will collaborate to build software, open hardware, data visualization, and citizen science platform solutions that contribute to space exploration and solve global challenges that focus on improving life on earth. In fact, most teams will benefit from having non-programmers working with them. Interdisciplinarity welcomed: coders, programmers, app developers, as well as the designers, artists, content writers and journalists, videographers, UX/UI specialists, entrepreneurs, scientists, builders of hardware and others.

Who should participate?
Anyone! Everyone is welcome to participate in the International Space Apps Challenge. It requires individuals with a broad range of skills. We are looking for engineers, technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, students, entrepreneurs – anyone who has a passion for changing the world and is willing to contribute.

What do I need to bring to the hackathon?
An open mind
A laptop
Time and focus
Willingness to work with others


11. April 2015 - 12. April 2015




Institut für Informatik


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