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Technologies for START:IP 2021

Bio Based Antimicrobial Microparticles

With the growing awareness of antimicrobial resistance, new antimicrobial materials have gained importance in many applications. This group of researchers have developed microparticles with long lasting antimicrobial properties based on cellulose, a fibre abundantly found in plants. The product is an alternative to nano-biocides, such as metal and other engineered nanomaterials, which are limited by their toxicity.

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Cell-based test for kinase inhibitors

Many cancers are driven by hyperactive cell signaling proteins, known as kinases. Drugs that inhibit these kinases make attractive anticancer therapies. A bottleneck for kinase inhibitor development is being able to test whether inhibition is effective, for which current testing methods are inadequate. This method directly measures kinase activity in live cells, to better assess potential kinase inhibitors.

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