What is the Startup Camp

The INiTS Startup is basically a reality check for your business plan. In an intensive 100 days program, we assist you in validating your business model. The INiTS Startup Camp is based on the Lean Startup method. It assumes that a startup has a number of untested assumptions about its market and customers in the beginning. When the startup enters the market and acquires the first customers it often turns out that these assumptions were wrong and must be corrected. There is only one way to avoid such mistakes and false assumptions according to Steve Blank: “get out of the building!”

Therefore we will help you to test your assumptions as early as possible and adapt – where necessary – the product, service or business model to the market demands – or even change it completely (“pivoting”). In the lean workshops you will get familiar with the individual components of the Business Model Canvas and receive additional guidance for customers interviews. You will implement the interview findings directly into the business model and use them for product development.

After 100 days, you will know your customers and their needs, you will have your business model tested on the market and have learned relevant skills, which will increase your chance for a follow-up investment. Reduce your risk by testing your idea directly on the market together with your customers!


  • Über INiTS

    INiTS hat sich als Business-Inkubator das Ziel gesetzt, die Erfolgswahrscheinlichkeit von Startups im Raum Wien zu erhöhen. Dabei unterstützt INiTS JungunternehmerInnen dabei, ihre Ideen in ein wachstumsstarkes und erfolgreiches Unternehmen umzusetzen. more

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