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By the CircularStart initiative startups will increase their knowledge, skills and competences to explore the opportunities of and to create more sustainable and circular business models  and to

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the INiTS scaleup Talk

The INiTS SCALEup Talk is a series of interviews with and about successful technology startups, about innovations, beginnings, challenges, successes and unexpected turns. 

Success and failure are not the only cornerstones of a startup life and the road to success is not a straight line… But how does it really work? 

Successful alumni of the INiTS SCALEup program who have developed their technology or research ideas into a successful business talk about their experiences in a compact 30-minute interview and afterwards also answer participants’ questions. The interviewers are experienced INiTS consultants who deal with startups and technology ideas on a daily basis.

Participation is free of charge, registration is required. Most talks are in German, but occasionally there are talks in English as well.

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