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Featured Startup


At mySugr we have 100 years of experience with type 1 diabetes spread between us. It´s no fun to take care of the therapy. So we, being diabetic ourselves, decided to change this.

With physicians, psychologists and other diabetic we developed a gamified medical device running on iPhone. CE-marked, and fun. By applying games and awesome UX we turn the unpopular “diabetes diary” into a motivating, useful and fun tool.

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Best of Biotech 2017

BOB (“Best of Biotech – get your business started”) is an international life science business plan competition organised by Life Science Austria (LISA), a program run by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy. After seven very successful BOB competitions since 2000, BOB is now being organised for the eighth time, to be held in 2017.

For further information on the contest just click here or onto the detailed time schedule.

Kiwi-Security is searching for Project Manager & Support

Your responsibilities:

  • Leading and implementation of projects
  • Project support and monitoring, from implementation planning to completion as well as technical follow-up support
  • High-level customer support (on-site and over the phone)
  • Conducting system tests

Your qualifications:

  • Minimum of 1 year experience in leading and implementation of projects
  • Confident demeanor and good communication skills
  • Experience in network technology and very good knowledge of Windows
  • Experience with software testing is an advantage
  • Flexibility and a high level of personal responsibility while being a team player


According to the collective agreement the salary amounts to EUR 2.750,00 gross per month, based on full-time employment (38,5 hours / week).
Overpayment by arrangement.

Kiwi-Security is searching for User Interface Developer Full-time

Your responsibilities:

  • Expansion of the existing user interface (C#, WPF) in Visual Studio
  • Ensuring the capacity for internationalization of the user interfaces
  • Other upcoming programming tasks

Your qualifications:

  • Very good skills in object-oriented programming in C++ and C# in a Visual Studio environment with a minimum of two years work experience
  • Experience with the development of optically sophisticated user interfaces
  • Know-how in the field of automated user interface testing is helpful
  • Good communication skills and solution-oriented operating methods
  • Flexibility and a high level of personal responsibility while being a team player


According to the collective agreement the salary amounts to EUR 2.750,00 gross per month, based on full-time employment (38,5 hours / week).
Overpayment by arrangement.

Kiwi-Security is searching for Web Developer

Your responsibilities at Kiwi-Security:

  • Adaptation and redesign of the existing web presence (WordPress)
  • Development of an intranet website (PHP, MS SQL)
  • Modernization of the web product towards Cloud
  • Design and planning of new functions according to specifications

Your qualifications:

  • Very good knowledge of web-based programming in PHP, Javascript and Node. JS with at least two years work experience
  • Experience with frameworks such as WordPress and other CMS
  • Skills in web design and implementation following the CI design
  • Solution-oriented operating methods
  • Flexibility and a high level of personal responsibility while being a team player
  • Experience with display of video in web systems is an advantage


According to the collective agreement the salary amounts to EUR 2.272,00 gross per month, based on full-time employment (38,5 hours / week).
Overpayment by arrangement.

Kiwi-Security is searching for: Key Account & Director Partner

Your responsibilities at Kiwi-Security:

  • Maintaining existing partner relationships
  • Building new relationships with cooperation partners and distributors
  • Supporting partners with responding to tenders

Your qualifications:

  • You have several years of sales experience in the video surveillance or security business
  • You have a basic technical knowledge to operate and explain the KiwiSecurity software
  • You have an extroverted personality and are a good communicator
  • You show high motivation and flexibility
  • You enjoy taking a key role in a fast-growing and dynamic company


According to the collective agreement the salary amounts to EUR 3.219,00 gross per month, based on full-time employment (38,5 hours / week).
Overpayment by arrangement.

Karolinska Institutet recruits international top innovator and business developer

KarolinskaKarolinska Institutet has recruited Professor Alexander von Gabain to the new position as Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and (alt.: Commercial Outreach) Corporate Alliances. He will be responsible for identifying, fostering and coordinating opportunities in research, health care, education, business outreach, investment and entrepreneurship leading towards an increased innovation output from Karolinska Institutet.

Alexander von Gabain’s long-term experience and international reputation in academia, biotech industry and institutions facilitating innovation are prone to bolster the “knowledge triangle” that encompasses research, education and business, with the entrepreneur in the driver’s seat.

“I am excited that Alexander von Gabain returns to Karolinska Institutet in this new and for Sweden very important function. I am convinced that he, alongside with our talented scientists and external collaborators, will be able to strengthen and unlock the existing innovation output of our university.” says Professor Anders Hamsten, Vice-Chancellor* of Karolinska Institutet.

“Karolinska Institutet is already world-famous for its strong assets in the “knowledge triangle”, and I believe that it will become an innovation trendsetter in the future university landscape.” says Alexander von Gabain. “It is necessary to integrate all competences to enable development to move from the student to the entrepreneur, from research to products, and from the laboratory to the patient.”

In 1978, Alexander von Gabain obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at the University of Heidelberg, and then completed his post-doctoral training at the Stanford University Medical Center. In the 1980s and 1990s, he worked at the University of Umeå and Karolinska Institutet, and also served as advisor to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. His own research has resulted in a large number of original articles, book chapters and patents.

As Chairman of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Vienna between 1992 and 1998, he was strongly involved to develop the private-public partnership between Boehringer Ingelheim and the University of Vienna at the Vienna Biocentre.

In 1998, he co-founded the vaccine company Intercell AG, and as CEO he led this enterprise until it was successfully floated on the Vienna Stock Exchange in 2005. Later, the company merged into the new biotech company Valneva, listed in Paris and Vienna.

von Gabain has continued working with business development in the biotech space.  In his role as Chairman of the business incubator of the Viennese Universities (Inits), he has contributed to the launch of more than 140 start-up companies.

In 2008, he was appointed to the Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which he then chaired between 2011 and 2014. Under his leadership, the EIT has evolved into a high-impact innovation investment fund, today with a 2.8 Bill € budget for the next 7 years.

His achievements have been acknowledged with prestigious academic prizes, industrial awards, and honorary memberships in scientific societies, including the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Science (The Anglo-Saxon title of  a Vice-Chancellor is equivalent to the American one of a University President).

10 reasons to join the Startup Camp

Website_StartUp Camp Seite_Sujet_211 startups from different industries went through the first INiTS Startup Camp to validate their business model with the lean method. The faster a startup addresses the problems of its customers properly, the faster it can scale.
Here are 10 reasons why you should apply for the INiTS Startup Camp in autumn!


The Startup Camp comprises a total of 12 workshops. On the one hand, we provide business expertise on financing, patenting, marketing and much more. On the other hand startups use the theory for the Lean workshops, where they integrate feedback “from the outside” in the business plan. Soft skill workshops such as communication, presentation and pitch training round off the 100-day Startup Camp. In this way we cover all areas that are necessary for the validation of the business model and ultimately for personal development.


The right attitude in business, the best contacts or the instructive lessons that a top mentor has collected over the years, play an immensely important role for startups. Both international and local entrepreneurs from various industries will complement the Startup Camp and personal advice.


The first steps to independence are known to be not very easy, so you can count on the advice of our Startup Consultants with expertise from different backgrounds and long business experience.


Through the open office and the numerous innovative startups that come together for 3 months, positive synergies form. Startups can exchange ideas, inspire and motivate each other; it is in the end not only about who gets the prolongation for the extended incubation program, but also about giving something back to the community.


We provide startups with a flex desk in our co-working space during the Startup Camp and beyond. Access to the internet, meeting rooms, to the printer, kitchen and other facilities are included, so that you can fully focus on building up your startup.


INiTS has a large network of partners and access to various services, where you can benefit from the discounts offered. The startups in the Startup Camp get access to our pool of experts, our databases and our network.


Startups that make it into the INiTS Startup Camp will get up to € 3,000 grants without having to give away shares of their company. In addition, you will get our support in fundraising public or private money without INiTS taking shares in your company.


The best startups will get the opportunity to participate for further 15 months in the INITS incubation program and get up to € 25,000 more funding. In this phase, the startups will focus on prototyping and scaling. For this time period you will get specialized workshops and individual support from the INiTS team. In addition to that you can take advantage of the whole INiTS network.


INiTS is one of the few incubators in Austria that makes use of the Lean Startup approach. This translates practically to the motto “Get out of the building” in order to to get feedback from customers, industry experts and partners and get faster to the product-market fit.


At the end of the Startup Camp the startups will pitch their revised idea to a experienced panel consisting of investors, partners, INiTS alumis and many more. The Demo Day offers you the perfect opportunity to get feedback from established people in the industry, to network and find key partners.


“Vienna needs more initiatives to be able to compete”

hossam el sifaryHossam El-Sifary has been part of the INiTS Team for nearly 2 years. During that time he was significantly responsible for the design and implementation of the INiTS Startup Camp. His experience and insights from researching and connecting with many innovation ecosystems, and also several trips to the U.S. where he has visited countless incubators, have been integrated in the concept of the Startup Camp.

You’ve visited and connected with several incubators in the U.S. and Europe. Which trends have you identified?

There are many variations for  incubator and accelerator models in the various ecosystems I visited, but whats common is:

  • incubators tend to offer shorter and more intense programs,
  • there is a wide adoption of the lean startup concept,
  • and there is more focus now on developing the founder’s entrepreneurial skills

Which of these trends did you adopt for the INiTS Startup Camp?

All of the above trends are implemented in Startup Camp, and we continuously collect feedback from the startup scene in Vienna and startups going through the program to make changes and localize these trends to suit the local requirements.

In your opinion, where do we lag behind compared to the U.S.?

The US have several globally recognized innovation hubs like Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, etc and these hubs attract top talents and innovative ideas from around the world, and Vienna needs more initiatives to be able to compete on that level to become more attractive for top talents and innovations and investors than other innovation hubs in Europe like London and Berlin.

Also, the availability of private funding and exit possibilities in the US is much higher as well.

What are the next steps for the Startup Camp? Will the program be extended?

Startup Camp received very positive feedback from both startups and investors. We are currently evaluating the feedback from the previous run of Startup Camp while continuously benchmarking vs other incubators and keeping an eye on global trends to implement concepts and services that will boost startup success.

Do you have any good tip for startups which would like to apply for the Startup Camp?

Startup Camp is a very intense program with several workshops, events, and deliverable, and founders applying to the program need to be aware of this, and have more self discipline and motivation to accomplish more faster.

In addition, startups need to have growth orientation, and while setting up their business in Vienna, founders need to recognize the fact that the Austrian market is relatively small, so they need to consider international markets while evaluating their ideas and building their products.

“INiTS is an exceptional business incubator”

Dhruv Bhatli

Dhruv Bhatli, Co-founder, UBI Index

INiTS was selected as one of the “Global Top 25” university incubators in the ranking issued by Swedish Research Initiative UBI Index. INiTS ranked as No. 11 worldwide and No. 3 in Europe. According to the study, INiTS performs better than most incubators of top universities worldwide.  – an exclusive interview with Dhruv Bhatli, Co-founder, UBI Index.

What are the key areas where INiTS performs really well?

INiTS performs exceptionally well on talent retention and network enhancement indicators and generates high value for its clients, hence having an impact on the regional economy and its ecosystem. Its network of investors, students and entrepreneurs make INiTS highly attractive for its clients.

What is it about INiTS that makes it so successful in your opinion?

INiTS provides exceptional value to its client companies through its offer. An exceptional network of partners, students, former employees of large corporations and serial entrepreneurs makes INiTS perform very high on network enhancement indicators.

How does INiTS stack up against top universities listed in the UBI Index like Columbia, Oxford, NYU, University of Pennsylvania and Imperial college?

In our study INiTS holds its own and performs better than most incubators at top universities in the world. Its exceptional network and university staff facilitates talent retention and generate a high impact on the regional economy.Badge UBI Index

Dhruv Bhatli is a leading author, researcher and thinker on entrepreneurship performance. He is credited for co-founding UBI Index, a research company based in Stockholm that benchmarks business incubators in 67 countries to identify and rank top incubators in the world.

INiTS is No.11 Global Academic Business Incubator According to UBI Index

Badge UBI IndexINiTS was selected as one of the “Global Top 25” university incubators in the ranking issued by Swedish Research Initiative UBI Index. INiTS ranked as No. 11 worldwide and No. 3 in Europe. According to the study, INiTS performs better than most incubators of top universities worldwide. The ranking covered 800 university incubators in 67 countries which were then short listed to 300 that were compared in the survey. The key factors for the ranking were the value for the ecosystem and the clients (startups) as well as the attractiveness of the incubation program.

UBI Index is thought leader in performance analysis of business incubators around the world. They help business incubators become more efficient and competitive through a comprehensive benchmark where more than 300 incubators in over 60 countries participate.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden and with an international research team, UBI Index has successfully built the most reliable Global Top 25 ranking of University Business Incubators in the world.

Dhruv Bhatli, co-founder of UBI index, summarizes the results of the INiTS evaluation: “This year, more than 60 key performance indicators (KPI) were taken into account for creating a ranking of the world´s best university incubators. INiTS performs exceptionally well on talent retention and network enhancement indicators and generates high value for its clients, hence having an impact on the regional economy and its ecosystem. Its network of investors, students and entrepreneurs make INiTS highly attractive for its clients. In our study INiTS holds its own and performs better than most incubators at top universities in the world, such as Columbia, Oxford, NYU, University of Pennsylvania and Imperial College”.

Irene Fialka, CEO of INiTS, to the very pleasing result: “We are incredibly proud and happy about the excellent ranking! It shows us that our strong commitment towards the enhancement of our network, our focus on the quality of services and the incubation program has paid off. Of course, we are not resting on our success – in the coming years we will focus even more on working together with our alumni startups, on expanding our mentoring program and the continuous improvement of the quality of our incubation program. We will also work hard to improve our performance in multiple KPIs, similar to those used in the UBI Index. This should result in strengthening our position in the UBI index in the coming years”.

Irene Fialka also emphasizes the importance of the startup ecosystem in Vienna: “The dynamic startup environment in Vienna contributed to this excellent ranking. Our stakeholders, the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna Business Agency, as well as the AplusB program of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology supported our work for more than 10 years and are always helping us to give the best support to our startups. ”

Alexander von Gabain, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of INiTS and Chairman of the EIT Governing Board: “INiTS is living proof that innovation and startups in Europe can move up to the global top class when the economy, politics, university, research, training and market, work closely together and foster a productive, open and innovative ecosystem!”

Simplewish: Vom Party-Frust zum Erfolgs-Startup

Logo SimplewishValentin Aschermann macht mit Simplewish eine einfache Lösung zur vielversprechenden Geschäftsidee. Jetzt folgt der nächste Schritt in der Unternehmens-Entwicklung. Das österreichische Start Up Simplewish zählt nach einem Jahr auf dem Markt bereits Unternehmen wie Amazon zu seinen Geschäftspartnern.  Gründer Valentin Aschermann zieht zufrieden Zwischenbilanz und macht das Organisieren von Gruppengeschenken noch einfacher.

Der Wunsch von Valentin Aschermann zu seinem Geburtstag war so einfach wie klar: eine Digitalkamera war das Objekt der Begierde. Gekommen ist alles ganz anders. WEIN – insgesamt 23 Flaschen. Die heiß ersehnte Kamera fand sich nicht unter den Geschenken. Wer kennt dieses Szenario nicht: schnell noch vor Ladenschluss eine Flasche Wein besorgen oder als Organisator dem Geld aller Beteiligten des gemeinsamen Geschenkes nachzulaufen. Aus der Enttäuschung bei seinem Fest gebar Aschermann eine neue Geschäftsidee. Und die heißt genau so, wie einfach sie sich in die Tat umsetzen lässt: Simplewish. Aschermann gründet gemeinsam mit seinem Partner Christoph Bitzner ein Start Up, das das Organisieren von Gemeinschaftsgeschenken zeit- und nervensparend für alle Beteiligten macht.

Was bisher schon zahlreichen Usern das Finden eines tollen Geschenkes ermöglichte, wird nach einem Jahr Erfahrung weiter optimiert. Aschermann und sein mittlerweile neunköpfiges Team haben dem User genau zugehört und unterzogen die Wunsch-Website jetzt einem Relaunch. Dahinter verbirgt sich nicht nur ein optischer Aufputz von Geschenk-Boxen lassen sich über die überarbeitetet Website noch einfacher und besser organisieren. „Der Relaunch der Website war erforderlich, um das Erstellen einer Geschenk-Box für den User noch einfacher zu machen, als es schon war. Und der optische Auftritt sorgt für eine angenehmere und schönere Atmosphäre im gesamten Prozess“, so der Technische Leiter und Mitgründer Christoph Bitzner. Zum Start der optimierten Website macht Simplewish den Usern jetzt selbst ein Geschenk – ein 5-€-Startguthaben für die erste Geschenk-Box, sobald mindestens 5 Freunde sich an der Box beteiligen. Der Gutscheincode ist SIMPLE14 und ist für den ganzen Sommer gültig.

Die geniale Idee von Simplewish überzeugte das weltweit größte Versandunternehmen sowie die Geschenke-Plattform Nummer eins in Österreich: Amazon und Jollydays zählen bereits zu den Kooperations-Partnern von Simplewish. Mit weiteren Anbietern laufen die Verhandlungen. “Das Angebot auf Simplewish soll kontinuierlich ausgebaut werden”, verrät Aschermann. “Bei den nächsten Schritten geht es darum, Partner aus Mode, Reise und Ticketing als Partner zu gewinnen und so unseren Kunden auch diese Segmente für ihre Geschenk-Boxen anbieten zu können.”

Und so einfach funktioniert Simplewish. Ganz nach dem Unternehmens-Slogan „GRUPPEN.SCHENKEN.BESSER.“ erleichtert Simplewish das Organisieren von Gemeinschaftsgeschenken. Der organisatorische Aufwand für den Einzelnen hält sich in überschaubaren Grenzen. Es gibt für den Organisator kein finanzielles Risiko, da die einzelnen Beiträge per Online-Zahlung von jedem einzelnen Teilnehmer selbst geleistet werden.

Über die Website kann der Initiator eines solchen Gruppengeschenks eine virtuelle Geschenk-Box anlegen und Freunde einladen, sich an diesem Geschenk zu beteiligen. Obwohl Simplewish die Organisation übernimmt, fallen für die Schenkenden keine weiteren Kosten an. Denn die Preise von Simplewish entsprechen 100 Prozent jenen, die auch bei den Kooperationspartnern zu zahlen wären. Simplewish generiert seinen eigenen Kostenanteil ausschließlich aus den von den Kooperationspartnern gewährten Vermittlungs-Provisionen.

crystalsol, Specialist in Flexible Photovoltaic Film, Welcomes Prof. H. W. Schock and T. Schiøtz to its Advisory Board

crystalsol GmbH, a company which specialises in the development of flexible photovoltaic film, announced today that Prof. Hans Werner Schock and Tore Schiøtz will join its international Advisory Board. The two renowned experts take up their advisory positions with immediate effect, making their extensive experience in the areas of technological innovations and strategic company development available to the company.

“Prof. Hans Werner Schock and Tore Schiøtz, two highly renowned photovoltaic experts, have agreed to join our Advisory Board. Their comprehensive expertise and vast international network will further boost the growth of our company”, says Rumman Syed, CEO of crystalsol. “We are looking forward to cooperating and developing strategies jointly with them.”

The two photovoltaic experts have set milestones in the technical and entrepreneurial development of various organisations in the past. Prof. Hans-Werner Schock is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in the area of thin-film solar cells. In 2010 he was awarded the EU Commission’s prestigious Becquerel Prize, one of the highest honours awarded in the global field of photovoltaic solar energy. He received the prize at the time in acknowledgement of his achievements in the area of solar energy technology and thin-film solar cells.

Tore Schiøtz, Managing Partner of Contango Capital, was Chairman of the Board of Renewable Energy Corporation for several years. The Norwegian company is renowned as a leading force in the global solar power industry and specialises in the manufacture of multicrystalline wafers, solar cells and solar modules. Until recently, the Norwegian-born investment specialist was also Vice President of energy producer Hafslund ASA, where he successfully brought his many years of experience to bear in the area of renewable energies, in particular photovoltaic solar energy.

About crystalsol GmbH
crystalsol, which is based in Vienna (Austria) and Tallinn (Estonia), develops innovative flexible photovoltaic films. Thanks to their specially developed technology, these films are particularly suitable for integration into building elements and offer considerable cost advantages compared with other currently available technologies. crystalsol’s core innovation is a light-absorbing active layer made of crystalline semiconductor powder. It is around 40 micrometres in size and is embedded in a polymer film as a single layer. The composition of the powder is based on easily obtainable materials (copper, zinc, sulphur and selenium); expensive metals, like indium and tellurium, are not required. Moreover, the film can be produced in a cost-effective roll-to-roll process that ensures high throughput and low production costs.

Update and Download: Diabetes Management App von Wiener Startup mySugr erfolgreich weiterentwickelt

Mit mySugr das "Diabetes-Monster" in den Griff bekommen. (c)mySugr

Mit mySugr das “Diabetes-Monster” in den Griff bekommen. (c)mySugr

Das “Diabetes-Monster” in den Griff bekommen – das ist das Ziel der Handy-Apps der mySugr GmbH. Dieses Ziel zu erreichen, ist nach dem aktuellen Update noch einfacher geworden. Gemeinsam mit Sanofi-Aventis, einem der weltweit größten Pharmaunternehmen, hat mySugr eine umfangreiche Erweiterung der Software in den App Store gebracht. Nun ist es möglich, ein Blutzuckermessgerät direkt mit dem iPhone zu verbinden und so die Messergebnisse unmittelbar in die App zu laden. Die erfolgreiche Umsetzung ihrer ersten Diabetes-Apps mit Registrierung als Medizinprodukt gelang vor allem auch dank der Unterstützung der INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice Wien GmbH, die von Beginn an beratend zur Seite stand und entscheidende Kontakte in den medizinischen Bereich ermöglichte.

Blutzucker messen, Broteinheiten berechnen, Insulin spritzen – für mehr als 200.000 Österreicher und 1,8 Millionen Deutsche gehören diese Dinge genauso zum Alltag wie ihr Smartphone. Ebenso smart ist die Companion App von mySugr, mit der Diabetiker Daten zu Ernährung, Sport und Gesundheitszustand in einem digitalen Tagebuch speichern, verwalten und analysieren können. Jetzt sind die Entwickler der Software noch einen Schritt weiter gegangen: In Zusammenarbeit mit Sanofi-Aventis, einem der größten Insulinproduzenten der Welt, haben sie dem mySugr Companion einen weiteren Feinschliff gegeben. Diabetiker in Deutschland können nun ihre Daten vom iBGstar, einem mit dem iPhone-kompatiblen Blutzuckermessgerät von Sanofi-Aventis, direkt in den Companion übertragen.

Koppeln statt Tippen

Die Koppelung mit dem Messgerät funktioniert dabei über den Multiport des iPhones. Die Übertragung der wichtigen Blutzuckerwerte erfolgt automatisch, was eine große Entlastung für die nötige Dokumentation bedeutet. Die Erweiterung ist somit nicht nur eine technische Spielerei, sondern macht die Benutzung der App auch noch sicherer und einfacher. Von den rund 60 Diabetes-Apps auf dem Markt sticht der mySugr Companion durch ein innovatives und einzigartiges Spielekonzept hervor. Durch sogenannte “Gamification” – der Einsatz von spielerischen Elementen im nicht spielerischen Kontext – wird auf nutzerfreundliche Weise ermöglicht, den aufwendigen Therapie-Alltag zu meistern. Punkte für die Blutzuckerkontrolle, Monster, die Feedback geben, und Challenges unterstützen dabei, Therapieziele zu erreichen und halten die Motivation aufrecht. Die App wurde nicht nur in Europa, sondern auch als eine der ersten Handy-Applikationen überhaupt bei der Food and Drug Administration (FDA), der amerikanischen Lebensmittelüberwachungs- und Arzneimittelzulassungsbehörde, als Medizinprodukt registriert. Diese Approbation bringt auch wirtschaftlich Vorteile, wie Dr. Irene Fialka, Geschäftsführerin des INiTS, weiß: “Der Markt mit Apps boomt, da bringt die Registrierung als Medizinprodukt große Wettbewerbsvorteile für mySugr. Die Kombination aus medizinischem Hilfsmittel und spielerischer Anwendung macht die App einzigartig. Zudem bringt eine Kooperation mit einem großen Player wie Sanofi-Aventis wichtige Reputation. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir unseren Beitrag dazu leisten konnten.” INiTS stand mySugr von der Gründung an zur Seite und vermittelte u. a. renommierte Experten im Bereich Medizintechnologie. “Wir wurden in allen Phasen und zu unterschiedlichsten Themen großartig unterstützt. Im INiTS-Inkubator zu sein, trägt in den frühen Phasen auch ungemein zur Credibility einer Firma bei”, erläutert Fredrik Debong, einer der Gründer von mySugr, den großen Nutzen der Betreuung durch INiTS.

Digitale Blutsbruderschaft

Bereits jetzt motiviert die Companion App fast 100.000 Menschen bei ihrer Diabetes-Therapie und mit dem neuen Update sollen es noch mehr werden. Die Motivation für die ständigen Weiterentwicklungen liegt den Gründern von mySugr sozusagen im Blut: Zwei von ihnen und ein Großteil des übrigen Teams sind selbst DiabetikerInnen und wissen, wie anstrengend eine Diabetes-Therapie sein kann. Ein guter Grund weiter dran zu bleiben: Nach dem aktuellen Update arbeitet mySugr weiterhin an Verbesserungen und neuen technischen Möglichkeiten. So gibt es mit der bunten Junior App eine Version für Kinder und seit Kurzem ist der mySugr Companion auch für Handys mit dem Betriebssystem Android verfügbar, um ihn noch mehr Betroffenen zugänglich zu machen. kündigt ein Projekt mit San Francisco International Airport an und ernennt neuen CEO

indoors - nexus 5 airport san, der Technologieführer hinsichtlich Positionierung und Navigation in geschlossenen Räumen, nimmt am “Entrepreneurship-in-Residence” Programm der Stadt San Francisco teil. Die Initiative von Bürgermeister Edwin M. Lee untersucht und entwickelt innovative Lösungen für Herausforderungen in modernen Städten. ernennt Hannes Stiebitzhofer zum CEO. ist eines von sechs Startups , die ausgewählt wurden, um am neuartigen “Entrepreneurship-in-Residence” Programm teilzunehmen. Die Teilnahme ist freiwillig und die Laufzeit beträgt 16 Wochen ab März 2014. Ziel dieser Initiative ist es private Unternehmen und die Ressorts der Stadt zusammenzubringen, um gemeinsam innovative Lösungen für Herausforderungen in modernen Städten zu erarbeiten. Die Ergebnisse der Initiative sollen zur Senkung von Kosten, zur Steigerung der Einkünfte und zu gesteigerter Produktivität beitragen.

Für die Teilnahme haben sich fast 200 Start-Ups aus 25 Städten und Ländern aus aller Welt beworben. Aus der Gruppe verschiedenartiger Bewerber wählten die Ressorts der Stadt San Francisco die Teilnehmer auf Basis ihrer Bedürfnisse und Prioritäten. wird gemeinsam mit dem San Francisco International Airport Möglichkeiten zu verbesserter Navigation und standortbezogenen Diensten vor Ort erforschen und ausarbeiten. entwickelt und lizenziert eine flexible Software, die akkurate Positionierung in Echtzeit und in geschlossenen Räumen, die für GPS unzugänglich sind, ermöglicht. Die Technologie von findet breiten Einsatz in Anwendungen zur Positionierung und Navigation an Flughäfen, in Einkaufszentren, Krankenhäusern, Museen und Büros. Orientierung, Navigation, interaktive Reiseführer, Analysen und die Überwachung von Teilen sind Anwendungsbeispiele, die seinen Kunden ermöglicht.

Die Plattform besteht aus einer clientseitigen Technologie, welche alle verfügbaren Sensoren auf mobilen Geräten (einschließlich Beschleunigungsmesser, Gyroskop, Barometer, und Kompass) mit Funksignalen wie 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE und geomagnetischen Feldern kombiniert. Somit kann eine genaue und robuste Positionierung innerhalb von Gebäuden geliefert werden. einzigartige Sensor-Fusion und eigens entwickelte Methoden zur Nachbereitung liefern eine äußerst robuste sowie genaue Positionierung bei geringem Energieverbrauch.

Hannes Stiebitzhofer wurde zu CEO ernannt. “ Ich sehen Innenraum Navigation nur als einen ersten Schritt. Die Technologie dieses jungen und großartigen Teams wird noch viele Anwendungen möglich machen. Ich freue mich sehr auf meine Aufgaben und darauf ein Teil von zu sein”, Hannes Stiebitzhofer.

Vor seiner Ernennung zum CEO bei, leitete Hannes Stiebitzhofer in seiner Funktion als Technischer Geschäftsführer die Entwicklung von mobilen Lernspielen bei LearningSigns. Er bringt Erfahrungen in den Feldern Entrepreneurship, Produktmanagement, Software Entwicklung und Projektmanagement mit. Seit 2000 ist Hannes Stiebitzhofer erfolgreich als Gründer und Mitbegründer aktiv und bekleidete Führungspositionen in diesen und auch anderen Unternehmen.

WADI™: Crowd funding for clean water

Helioz Wadi Crowdfunding

Help us bring safe drinking water to children around the world! Join the crowdfunding-event to be part of our project and share the information with your friends and family! Support us at Every EURO counts!

At Helioz, an Austrian social enterprise, we raise the funds necessary to prove that millions of people around the world can be granted access to safe drinking water using only the power of the sun. An innovative device called WADI will help to improve lives of people in developing countries. The money will be collected through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo – – and will help finance an unprecendented health impact study in India.

Safe drinking water by using the power of the sun? What may sound like a fairytale stands at the center of the Austrian startup Helioz. Helioz developed a UV-measurement device that tracks the progress of solar water disinfection in a PET-bottle. Simply attach WADI to a bottle filled with contaminated water, lay it in the sun and wait for the smiley face to appear. Thanks to the power of the sun’s UV-rays and WADI’s continuous measurement, you can be sure the water is safe to drink. Helioz will use the money they raise on Indiegogo to conduct a scientific health impact study in India, where 400,000 children under the age of 5 die as a result of waterborne diseases each year. The study aims at proving WADI’s effectiveness by verifying at least a 50% reduction of waterborne diseases by use of WADI. See the transformative effect of WADI and be part of the solution for one of the biggest problems facing humanity – the water crisis.

For more information please download the press kit here:
or visit our website:


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