Health Hub Vienna Meetup

Mental health had finally gained its sound stage in the world healthcare focus due to Covid-19.

In our work with the world’s leading technology providers and adapters, we have recognized fantastic opportunities the pandemic brings to make Mental health care and wellbeing accessible to anyone!

As part of the ViennaUP’22 Festival, we will showcase, discuss, and analyze the different trends, opportunities and advancements in the mental health tech field in this meetup.

This meetup will focus on the following questions:

  • What new Mental Health technologies have been developed as a “side effect” of the pandemic?
  • How important is Mental Health technology given a worldwide public health crisis which magnifies and deepens existing shortcomings of mental health care systems?
  • What strengths and limitations does online therapy and Mental Health support provide?
  • What is the role of start-ups in building a mental health technologies ecosystem?
  • What are the main directions going forward, what steps have we taken and what are next steps?

Health Hub Vienna meetup series is an informal, open forum inviting stakeholders, clinicians, selected start-ups, and partners to focus on the future and best practice in implementing solutions in order to speed up the adoption of innovation and, thus, change in healthcare.


16:30 Registration, event platform open

17:00 Welcome

17:10 Impulse Keynote from Dr. Elena Heber, Co-Founder & VP Content & Research at HelloBetter – Scaling-Up Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health: From Research to Reimbursement

17:20 Impulse Keynote from Prof. Alfred Pritz, rector, Sigmund Freud University

17:30 Panel Discussion
Moderator: Irene Fialka

18:30 Online Networking, Sessions with the speakers and Startup Booths

21:00 Official End

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