Health Hub Vienna Meetup #3

Save the date on our upcoming HHV meetup on ‘Precision Medicine –  How can we best tailor our available treatments?’

Our third meetup this year will focus on personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is an umbrella term that promotes the importance of the interaction between the patient’s genetic make-up and their preferences, beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and social context. Precision medicine is way of providing healthcare, in which HCPs rely on the available data and analytics on the individual patient or better-defined patient groups.

We are excited to host our third meetup this year on these topics. Our meetup is an  informal, open forum inviting stakeholders, clinicians, selected start-ups, and partners to focus on the future and best practice in implementing solutions in order to speed up the adoption of innovation and, thus, change in healthcare.

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Date / Time:
- 17:00

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