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Since 2002 around 180 startups received support by INiTS. We divide the technological focus of our startups in three industries: Information- and Communication TechnologyLife Science and Other Technologies. Here you find an extract of our most successful startups, some of them still in the incubation period, some of them already reached the status “Alumni“.

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Origimm strives to become a market leader in vaccine discovery, supplying its candidates to industry pipelines. The first product for licencing out is a vaccine antigen against acne vulgaris.
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ISOtopic solutions

ISOtopic solutions offers a blend of stable isotope labeled biomolecules as an internal standard for mass spectrometry, as well as individual process consulting and analytical services.
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The company sells licenses for the production and sale of jeans which are bleached in an environmental friendly way. In addition the product (Acticell) used for the process will be sold, too.
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Themis Bioscience

Themis Bioscience GmbH develops prophylactic vaccines from the preclinical to the early clinical phase, focusing on emerging tropical infectious diseases.
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APEPTICO Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH is a privately-held biotechnology company based in Austria, developing peptide-based products targeting chronic and life-threatening diseases.
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Panoptes is a privately held biotech company focused on developing small molecule based therapies for the treatment of severe eye diseases with high unmet medical need.
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HappyMed helps patients during medical treatments through audiovisual distraction to be more relaxed and fearless.
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Enzian Chemiewerke Mitteldonau

Enzian Chemiewerke Mitteldonau is manufacturing polycyclic amine building blocks for medicinal chemistry, pharmacophore-based analog drug discovery and chemical genomics
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Diabetes can be hard to treat - we know this, we have it ourselves. With physicians, psychologists and other diabetics we developed a gamified medical device running on iPhone. CE-marked, and fun.
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SemperSan sweet whey permeate sugar with proven and patented efficacy on diabetes, preventive effects in food as replacement of industrial sugar a reduction of diabetes.
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AppCoach4Life – Interactive Mindfulness Training – individual training right on my phone - any time, any place & always ‘on hand’. Highly successful - just like having training with a personal coach!
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RD&C provides a new systemic analysis concept for impurity profiling in pharmaceutical drug process development and impurity related deviation management required in routine drug manufacturing.
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Critical Core Technologies

Critical Core Technologies develops innovative medical devices assisting critically ill patients.
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Blue Sky Vaccines

The biotherapeutic company Blue Sky Vaccines will perform clinical-stage development of virotherapy for treatment of malignant tumors.
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F-star is an oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing novel bispecific antibody products that significantly improve the standard of care for patients.
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Medifina is an innovative, non-invasive medical technology enabling physicians to make fast and sure diagnoses.
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ab&cd innovations

ab&cd innovations rises to the challenge to develop new strategies for the conversion of industrial waste or by-products into value added chemicals.
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Miracor Medical Systems is commercializing a unique and potentially disruptive technology, PICSO®, for acute coronary syndrome (“ACS”, or “heart attack”), heart failure and cardiac surgery patients.
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Bioplant R&D develops and applies biotechnological methods to improve crop plants and thereby contributes to secure food and energy supply, taking into account environmental considerations.
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Based on a highly innovative therapeutic concept Profem develops specifically medicines for gynecological diseases with a hitherto unmet medical need.
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CoilControl3D von CVTec ist eine Software für die Neurochirurgie zur Vermeidung tödlicher Komplikationen bei Gehirnoperationen.
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EMCOOLS Medical Cooling Systems AG develops, patents, produces and markets technologies for fast and efficient patient cooling.
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memocorby provides a multisensory system that supports children to (re)-learn language. It consists of 10 dice, a mat and an app. memocorby is also used in stroke and dementia therapy.
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S-TARget Therapeutics

S-TARget therapeutics develops therapeutic vaccines to cure and prevent severe allergic diseases.
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Tec-Innovation is developing a high-tech shoe with integrated obstacle detection, the WALKASSIST. This system improves the daily mobility of blind people and helps e.g. fire brigades doing their job.
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Dutalys is dedicated to developing advanced antibody-based drugs for the treatment of serious and life-threatening diseases.
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Insposo stands for Individual Sports Solutions. The web application helps strength and conditioning coaches to easily design fully customized, research-based workout regimen for athletes.
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