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Since 2002 around 180 startups received support by INiTS. We divide the technological focus of our startups in three industries: Information- and Communication TechnologyLife Science and Other Technologies. Here you find an extract of our most successful startups, some of them still in the incubation period, some of them already reached the status “Alumni“.

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Robo Technologies GmbH

Robo Wunderkind is a set of blocks for building robots. Kids starting 5 years old can build their own robots and program them in a very intuitive app on a smartphone or a tablet.
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predictR turns historical transaction data into cash flow forecasts and is provided for banks to be implemented in online banking.
[mehr lesen] enables customer service through messengers, personally and at scale. Including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger.
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contextflow is a fast and efficient 3D image and text search engine that is able to find visually similar images and cases.
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Planning a trip together has never been easier. With tripcake - the doodle for travelling.
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V-Play allows developers to create mobile games for all smartphones, tablets and PCs and to integrate user directly into the creation of new levels.
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ingentus decision support develops and operates customised software that allows a fast way of computing working schedules for home health care organisations.
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FoodNotify offers a customized solution for dealing with the EU Food Information Regulation . Recipemanagement with allergen- and nutritional labeling included.
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MARKSIM® is a ready to use cloud solution for autonomous market segmentation and market simulation. MARKSIM® predicts your future market shares.
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PATCHBOX provides their customers with a cable retraction & installing system for server racks which adjusts the cable lenghts to the perfect fit. Cabling a rack gets much easier and 10x faster.
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UNIspotter is the App guiding students to find the perfect-fit university.
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UBIMET is the global leading provider of meteorological services including, high-quality data information and tailor-made solution services. Superior quality and the fulfilment of costumers’ needs is UBIMET’s top priority.
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Smart Information Systems

Smart Information Systems develops online advisor solutions, that help the user in webshops to find the right products, that fit best to their needs.
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MetGIS GmbH is a spin-off of the University of Vienna. The company delivers highly specialized innovative meteorological services, focusing on the world-wide prediction of mountain weather.
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sofasession is an online community for hobby musicians. The service allows to meet other musicians over the internet and jam with them in real time, using a low latency audio software.
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"PhonicScore - the music stand, that listens" turns a tablet computer into a digital, intelligent music stand.
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Diabetes can be hard to treat - we know this, we have it ourselves. With physicians, psychologists and other diabetics we developed a gamified medical device running on iPhone. CE-marked, and fun.
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Thrive GmbH

THRIVE combines an E-Learning platform specialized in data analytics with a professional data analysis web application.
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finderly, the recommendations portal for consumer electronics turns the buying process into a social event and makes you feel good about the product you buy.
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DAGOPT Optimization Technologies offers a variety of extensive modeling, optimization and software solutions.
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Important decisions often involve a great deal of risk: investments, trading, pricing. Quantego offers a cutting-edge optimizer that helps companies to account for risk when making decisions.
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nymea GmbH

guhIO is the perfect platform for your IoT product. Shorten time-to-market by using our sophisticated software and by adopting our IoT experience.
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emotion3D is specialized on reliable 3D depth reconstruction from stereo images and serves the 3D film and the consumer electronics industries with software products and licensable IPs.
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Eversport facilitates sport activities and points out various sport venues, clubs and trainers in the vicinity to the user. We want to inspire people to do sports and exchange experiances with others.
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Formfinder is a design software that is as easy to operate as a sheet of paper and a pencil.
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ENGLISH: Nativy is the for Translations. Choose from and hire 2500 professional translators in 5 seconds. Simply upload your text, and we'll take care of the rest.
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myclubs is a Viennese start-up focussing on a state-of-the-art international membership for sportclubs. Their aim is to offer access to local studios on an international level – with the benefit of just one membership.
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Radiant Minds

We're a startup on a mission to make software product and project planning truly easy and painless. We help to plan, execute and release software customers love.
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Urban Sync

Urban Sync is the easiest way of communication and information exchange between citizens and cities. It enables us to participate in the future development of our cities.
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Starting in 2007, Recompose has been developing pioneering methods and technologies for digital music production and optimal music perception.
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Flatout develops the next-gen Smart Home solution in terms of an app-based operating system for homes. The goal is the optimization of energy efficiency, comfort and security at home.
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Fluidtime is Austria´s leading provider of mobility information systems. The software solutions transform traffic data of public transport and motorized private transport into user-friendly services.
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AppCoach4Life – Interactive Mindfulness Training – individual training right on my phone - any time, any place & always ‘on hand’. Highly successful - just like having training with a personal coach!
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Sorex Wireless Solutions

SOREX wireless Solutions GmbH is an Austrian manufacturer of electronic access systems. Since 2004 our products are used in the electronic and door industry.
[mehr lesen] provides accurate indoor localisation and navigation on mobile devices.
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Destion develops high-performance software-solutions for operations research tasks, in particular automatic planning and optimization within transportation logistics and telecommunications.
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UCRlive is a smart-phone based navigation app to get real-time information about what is going on at participating institutions or events in their part of town.
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NearSpeak makes it possible to let the "Internet of things“ speak. Known technologies (NFC, iBeacon) will be linked in innovative ways and enable mobile voice output.
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Easily create online RFx (RFP, RFQ, RFI) and eauctions, allowing a standardized format for all your suppliers offers.
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Wuggl is a mobile measuring device which allows to easily determine the weight of pigs without the necessity of using mechanical weighing scales.
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KiwiSecurity is the leading developer of video analytics and video control solutions, transforming video surveillance into a pro-active tool, ultimately automating video surveillance by extracting key information.
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